FEATURED ARTIST: Monique Chanet (Leather Candy)

Tell me a little about yourself…

My name is Monique Chanet, I’m a Virgo queen and I have an accessories line called Leather Candy based out of New Jersey. The accessories I make are geared towards the natural hair community but honestly there is a little something for everyone with natural hair or not :)

How’d you get started, or what prompted you to begin crafting in your genre?

Leather Candy was born because of the lack of originality and quality I came across when looking for accessories. I thought to myself “Hey I’m creative and since I can’t find what Im looking for, might as well make it myself!” So that’s what I did and everywhere I went I would receive compliments about the pieces I would wear. Women were constantly asking me where I got my accessories from so I decided to create Leather Candy.

How long have you been an artist or crafter?

Leather Candy has been around since 2010 but I’ve been an artist/crafter all my life. I’ve always made things dating back to my early childhood; when my mom couldn’t afford clothes for my Barbie dolls I would take old pieces of cloth and make my Barbies the flyest outfits!

Where can we check out and buy your work?

I have an online boutique on Etsy: www.leathercandy.etsy.com

I also have some pieces in local boutiques in the North Jersey area.

Instagram: Leathercandyaccessories

Youtube: LeatherCandy1

Facebook: LeatherCandyAccessories

What do you think sets you apart from other artists or crafters?

I think what sets me apart from other artists or crafters is that no one else has my brain…LOL. I draw inspiration from the weirdest places.

What do you get out of being an artist or crafter?

The satisfaction that I’m helping beautiful woman enhance their beauty even more by rocking original bold accessories. Everyone has a purpose in life and my purpose is to create and it gives me joy to the core to see how well the things that lil’ ole me created are being received.

What inspires you to create the art you do? Where do you get your inspiration?

I pull my inspiration from any and everywhere. The world and its diversity amazes me on a daily basis and helps to inspire my creations.

What’s the weirdest or most astonishing and controversial craft or artwork that you have ever created and how so or why?

Well I have made earrings featuring the word “Bougie as F*ck” and they are most definitely jaw droppers. Some people aren’t comfortable with profanity but I like to push the envelope!!!!

What do others seem to love about your crafts or art, as far as feedback you have gotten?

The originality, the vibrant colors and most of all the quality.

What is your advice to fellow crafters and artists?

If art and creating is your passion never stop, don’t get discouraged. Try to get your products and art seen on as many platforms as possible.

How would you describe your style, or form of artistry? Abstract with street and Afrocentric tones.

Do you have any future plans for your artwork or crafts?

I plan on expanding, maybe opening a boutique or two. I also will start holding seminars for young woman to encourage them to nurture their artistic abilities and show them how they can turn it into a lucrative business.




Art Lover, Poet, Author, Blogger. ♦Talent, if you don’t use it, what is it good for? http://maryannesbookshelf.com

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M. Campbell

M. Campbell

Art Lover, Poet, Author, Blogger. ♦Talent, if you don’t use it, what is it good for? http://maryannesbookshelf.com

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